Fall-ing in love with Sagpulon Falls (San Isidro, Jasaan)

In one of the barangays of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, namely San Isidro, lies one of the beautiful waterfalls that I have been longing to see, the Sagpulon Falls.

In one of the barangays of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental,  namely San Isidro, lies one of the beautiful waterfalls that I have been longing to see. The Sagpulon Falls was introduced to me by a cousin who posted her picture on facebook. The falls caught my attention because of a series of smaller waterfalls at the bottom of it. In short, it was really beautiful!

Jasaan is part of Misamis Oriental, a province in Mindanao, Philippines.

I was with my family because we visited Claveria. It was actually my first time to go to this place and we were blessed to see the sign right away. It looks like this. If you are from Cagayan de Oro City, you will turn right upon seeing these signs.

On the way to Sagpulon Falls, San Isidro, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

The “Habal-habal” (motorcycle) drivers were kind enough to give us directions. From the highway, it would take us 7 km in order to reach the falls which is accessible by a four-wheel vehicle and motorcyle.

This is what you can see as you go along the way.

The road is mostly cemented and thankfully, we didn’t have any problems going there.The locals were very kind to give us directions too.

Upon arrival in the place, we were greeted by tarpaulins at the entrance. My heart almost sank when I read it but I was glad that they will let the public visit the falls provided that we wouldn’t eat or swim there.

The entrance.

Nature has its ways of unfolding things. We have to walk a bit more and climb through some steps.


And finally….

A breath-taking view.

Seeing for the first time something you’ve been longing to see is such an inexplicably joyous experience. As you can see, the place is still undergoing renovation and some cottages and halls are being constructed. This means that when you come here and this construction is still ongoing, no fees will be collected. How cool is that! The downside of course is not being able to swim in this majestic waterfalls.

An ongoing construction.
It says “No Swimming” since it’s not yet really officially open to public yet.

The falls has a major waterfall from its crest.

From the top.

On its base are found a series of smaller water falls which appears man-made to me. But no, they’re 100% natural!

At the base.
The full view of water falls through a fish eye lens.

The stream bed resembles a greenish blue water which makes this attraction very photogenic. On each side of the falls are thriving flora which makes it really full of life.


It took us about 2 hours to behold the beauty of this attraction and at the same time reconnect with nature.


Surrounding areas.

Every time I do nature trips, I have the temptation to take pictures as much as I can from all angles but doing only this will defeat the sole purpose of the trip. To reconnect with nature and mostly to the one who made it should always be the major purpose. So,  I try hard to live in the moment, meditate and thank God for such gift.

Living in the moment.



Nature teaches us a lot of lessons that we might be missing had we been more receptive to it. These are some of the things I associated with the falls experience.

  • My experience with the falls has always been a refreshing one. With this in mind, can we also say that our presence to other people has always been a good one? Are we a “season of refreshing falls on the hearts of men”? Or are our presence wearying? This may be true, this may be false, but may we always be like the falls.



  • The falls symbolizes zeal. Once the water drops, it’s unstoppable. In our Christian life, if we are filled with the streams from above, we can never contain it and it will just flow or drop and it can simply be seen. It will be a source of water, a source of life. A soul who possesses Christ could not be hindered from witnessing to others. He or she will be unstoppable and may we always have this zeal.


  • When you are within the vicinity of a water fall, you will feel the moist from the falls. You can even feel the coolness of the place. Are the things we are doing moistened with love? Or do we project a very dry religion to other people? I pray our answer goes with the first question.


  • In life, it’s very important to note that making a certain decision will have a cascading effect. This means that when you started something wrong, you cannot expect the next events associated with it to be right or good. Furthermore, one sin committed can also lead to other sins. The only safety we can have is to have Christ fill us with the living water.


It was a very refreshing encounter with nature and a wonderful bonding for me and my family as well. I’m glad to say that I fell in love with Sagpulon falls. I hope to come back again, next time, with friends.

Mom and Dad. Don’t forget to try this couple shot once you’re here. P.s. Don’t forget to bring your loved one too!
My family (minus 1) who loves to do nature trips.