Hello trippers!

I realized I am not good in geography so that I need an excuse like traveling to be good at it. 🙂

I am not a well-traveled person but for some reasons I had to travel. So I do purposeful travels (medical missions/mission trips, appointments) and do side trips (recreation and adventure) after whenever I can or shall we say vacation with a purpose. I believe that travels need not be very expensive especially nature trips because God gave them to us already. For now, I am of the opinion that this it true. Nature trips are my favorite. They make me closer to the One who created it and it relieves me so much of my cares plus the exercise and healing properties it brings to my body is truly beneficial. I love to explore nature and do a lot of reflections!

With the emergence of DIY travels, I wish to share my travels to give information to the readers on my experiences, adventures, tips on organizing trips, what to dos and how to get there, wonderful destinations especially my own place, BUKIDNON, PHILIPPINES, and beyond its borders (Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon and Asia). Most importantly, I hope to share the reflections and object lessons I got from these experiences.

So when I’m not in the wellness center taking care of patients or teaching in a classroom, I am in the mountain/forest/falls reading a book and reflecting or in my room writing a blog.

Ultimately, I am looking forward to go to the place (so beautiful that it is so inexplicable)  God has prepared for me so that I can be with Him forever. 🙂

Enjoy my trips and most importantly the reflections! Feel free to comment. Happy tripping and reflecting!



10 thoughts on “About”

  1. This blog is simply refreshing! 🙂
    Great pun Ple! Definitely, you still hold the title as the “one liner” since YT days.
    Keep writing, I’ll keep on following. xoxo


      1. I didn’t even notice that I’ve been saying “nice” comments maybe because you are simply amazing and I can’t help but appreciate it!
        I’m just a good reader here. 🙂
        Write about your climb with “Bill”. I’m excited! 🙂


  2. Hi gracie, I need help for mt.capistrano. My squads are planning to have a trekking at Mt.Capistrano. I hope you can offer me a guide during our trekking because we are all first timers trekker. I hopw Mr.Sam your friend could help us. 🙂 Thank you! Hoping for your reply 🙂


        1. There are trails on the upper part that may not be easy to locate right away if its ur first time. You can go without a guide if its ur second time. But if you are for an adventure, you can also go as long as u hv previous experiences of mountain climbing. Praying for ur plans.


  3. Hi Gracie I am planning to visit Cinchona Falls. Do you think one day is enough if I intend to go to all 5 falls? Or is there a place that accommodate guests for a fee?


    1. Hi Matit! I think it is enough but you just need to be really early in order for you to really enjoy.. like its nicer if you can be there 8am, then you can explore it and have the whole day. so far in the area, there are accommodation but its for the tent. There’s also a house which I haven’t asked if its for the accommodation. If you plan your time well, I’m sure one day will be enough.


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